small-0225My beautiful friend and I had a most enjoyable morning playing in the alley north of Main Street in Bozeman.  We went looking for the juxtaposition of beauty and urban.  Obviously we brought the beauty with us.  For little Bozeman Montana, finding urban is not automatic, so we had to make our own version.

It was fun to play in the various textures and colors.  Bozeman has such an emphasis on brick in urban planning, but we found so much more!

sm-0432It was a photo shoot for the heck of it – with someone this beautiful, you just want to take pictures and savor the beauty.  But it ended up being a chance to get to know our community as well.


What an adventure it was, dodging the activities that happen in alleys to keep restaurants and businesses going, and seeking the sun among the shadows.


The merchants we saw taking out the garbage or sneaking in the back door to get some work done before regular store hours were so friendly and excited to see us.  We were invited into the up close and personal of their back-end business space, which was a big part in the success of our finding such great backdrops to highlight her beauty.

Did I mention she is beautiful?  Yeah!  Guess you got that message!

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