I wait for the poppies all year.  They are in my yard and they are along the road where I walk.  poppies-3036

poppies-3029bozeman senior photo-3026

I keep an eye out for them and when they start, it is an early morning, dressed and out the door before 6:30 so I can capture them down the road.  Morning light is best down there because of the angle of the sun.

bozeman senior photo-3023

bozeman senior photo-3025



Shooting poppies is hard – the color blows out so easily.  So it takes a bit of work in post to bring them to where I want.  bozeman senior photo-3012bozeman senior photo-3010

bozeman senior photo-3004

bozeman senior photo-3000

Poppies lend themself well to artistic interpretation in lightroom,bozeman senior photo-3027

but today I was inclined towards as clean as the lighting conditions would allow.

bozeman senior photo-2987

bozeman senior photo-2990

bozeman senior photo-2984

bozeman senior photo-2980Hope you enjoy poppies as much as I do as they don’t last long.bozeman senior photo-3006

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