I never knew that bulls got a spa day – learned something new this past week.small-8213(this is pre-hair cut, obviously)

You see when working on a “producers” project I went and took photos at the Veltkamp Angus establishment – I was focused on it being calving season and getting photos of cute little babies (will post that as part of the Producers Series in a couple of weeks).  small-8560

small-8344While there Darin just happened to mentioned that the guys were coming to give the bulls haircuts on Wednesday.  I asked if I could come, and sure enough he said yes. small-8613

What a hoot!  I mean who knew that bulls need haircuts before auction (sort makes sense when I see the results because those bulls look so much more muscular once they are sporting a sleek hairdo, butI never would have thought of it).small-8333small-8436

More importantly, who knew bulls got haircuts by fire?small-8439

Just WOW!  That’s all I can say.  It was so fun – even though I did get some bull poop on my clothing, it was still fun!small-8424


small-8646Here they are, all gussied up!small-8296

Thank you to Darin and the guys who cut hair for bulls!  I loved it!

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