PRODUCERS – MONTH TWO: Making Art with Amanda Wittpenn


This month’s installment of the “Producers Series” is artist, newly wed and all-around-impressive Amanda Wittpenn.  I’ve known her for years, and she was one of the first people I did Senior Portraits for way back when she was graduating high school in the 0-somethings.  Now she is a teacher and an artist!  It was so fun to visit her and see just a small part of what she does.small-4643

small-4815The morning we spent together she was working on an exercise using a limited color pallet (I think she started with just three colors and mixed them to get everything you see in that painting.  I love the idea that she was giving herself an assignment (much as I’ve given myself the Producers Series assignment).


The curled toes as she paints – very endearing!

small-4719Although she was painting that day her little studio had other items of her work, including these little prints she made as cards back around Christmas time.  Wouldn’t you love to get a card like that?

small-4723Her tools sit right in the window sill catching the morning light!  As I looked around that cute tiny studio, I realized – I knew this room!  It was my niece Danielle’s bedroom when she and her mom lived in this very same apartment.  

small-4744Amanda wears an apron, and I’m sure that helps, but a white t-shirt?  A certain amount of true art just in the fact that she keeps the paint where it belongs and not on her clothing!

small-4688It is easy to be mesmerized just watching Amanda paint – quiet, peaceful, developing a something where there once was nothing.  Love that!

small-4713Who wouldn’t want this talented artist as their teacher?  You know what she teaches?  Art, of course, but also . . . math!  Now that is a mind that fires on all cylinders!  Mastering art and math!  I’m impressed!


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