It has been a real joy to work with the VanOmmen family on this “Day in the Life” project.  We started bright and early, documenting their morning routines and worked our way through a full day of homeschooling and family love!



This family of four boys has passed the responsibility of feeding and watering the neighbor’s chickens from oldest down to the next – a great way to teach responsibility and let a guy earn a bit of pocket change.  So each morning this guy is out first thing, rain, snow, freeze or sunshine.


The joy of brotherhood abounds – who can resist those bright eyes and toothy smiles?



Each morning starts with reading from the Bible and prayer – a beautiful sight to behold!



But before long it is time to get focused and hit the books – so much to learn!  small-7352


small-7017Even Garrett has the opportunity to help out before he heads out the door to work.


There was a science fair project to complete:small--31 small-7292

But believe me, it isn’t all work and no play.  

small--37 small--38

This little guy found a long-lost hat while roaming around outside.  The hat was well frozen into the snow, but no fear, he microwaved it to defrost it, then ran it through the dryer, and voila!  It is ready to rejoin the useful pieces of clothing.



As with all families, much of the life revolves around meals – and snacks!  Tracy is a wonderful cook, with a history of catering beautiful meals.  So her boys do not lack for yummy meals.  As I was there I watched her make homemade chicken soup – perfect for lunch on a cold snowy day – and chicken pot pie, including heading out into the cold to bar-b-que those chicken breasts for the pot pies.  And by the way, with a family of six there is much to make, but Tracy was also making pot pies for her friends as a thank you for their effort in a project they were doing together.  Amazing heart for others!




And we topped the day off with cooking class – the boys made doughnuts!  Delicious!



And that was the perfect activity to end our day!  What joy!

If you think you would like a “Day in the Life” photo session for your family – or your business – send me a message at elementsoflightphotography@gmail.com and we’ll get together to make a plan.

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