We started out bright and early on a cool morning heading up to a waterfall and he looked so nice!

It was a special day for just he and I to go up Hyalite and take some photos – his sister had her chance in front of the lens when she was a flower girl, and he wanted to show me his stuff.  What a great date opportunity.

But then . . . he tripped and fell.  Right on his face – literally ON his face.

small-6456Lots of tears and an instant desire to just go home even though we didn’t have but one or two photos.  Who can argue with that – you fall on your face and seeing your mom and dad becomes a pretty high priority.  

So we headed back to the car.  By the time we got to the damn he was willing to get out at the beach and see if we could find a little something fun to do before we headed home – but no rocky trails where the tripping danger is so high.


A little playing and imagining . . .


even some monkeying around . . .

and suddenly he was ready to shine.



small-7000So proud of how brave he was to keep his special date with me so we could get images that show so very much of what a great, courageous and special guy he is!  

What an opportunity!

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